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My name is Milano Walker, and although I claim San Diego, CA as my hometown, to be perfectly honest I truly hail from the sandy beaches of Arizona. 

*Please insert Rick Kane jokes here

Nearly my entire childhood was spent as a landlocked Zoni; chasing my surf fix at the lake, drainage canals, and in the pool.  But not a cool wave pool like the kine I used to draw in my notebooks and that we see being built today; more like setting an old surfboard adrift in the middle of the deep end before sprinting down the diving board like a long jumper searching for an Olympic medal, leaping onto the stationary hunk of resin and foam(which more often than not deviated from my intended heading and pointed to a direction all its own) in hopes of gliding to the shallow end and stepping out the other side dry hair and all.  And although my license still claims me to be a resident of the state, I left Arizona behind my freshman year to explore that which the world has to offer(so long as said world was near waves). So explore I did; military school in Carlsbad, highshool in Tijuana, Santa Barbara, Baja, Indo, Costa Rica, Oahu, Nicaragua, the Basque Country, and back.  Learning. Making friends and family along the way. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to take my camera, and my surfboard, on the journey of a lifetime; and best part is that I didn’t take an entire life to do it, so I’m here now, ready to write what I can and share what I sure hope is classified as wit. 

PS. Currently working as a glazier, but would love to put the right side of my brain back to work. If you need something creative, I’d love if you got In touch via the links below 👇

milano walker
Milano Walker
Milano Walker
Milano Walker