Catch Surf Wave Bandit Surfboard

There’s always a new collection to get excited about from Catch Surf.

Not only are they constantly advancing their soft-top technology, but they’re progressing toward a world where both foam boards and hard-tops are out in the line-up together harmoniously.

Ever since foam longboards' rise to fame in the early- to mid-2000s, any board that squished was deemed for newbies. It wasn’t until Catch Surf unveiled their line of Beaters, Blanks, Odysea, and Wave Bandits, that the surfing world took notice of their fallen brother: the foam surfboard.

For this Wave Bandit surfboard review, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite soft-top boards. Stick around if you’re curious about the new wave of foam technology.

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Our Top Picks For Surf Wave Bandit Surfboards

Wave Bandit Performer Board

Wave Bandit Performer  

  • 5’6” to 6’6” in length
  • Classic fish shape
  • Dual-wood stringers and tightly-packed composite core
Wave Bandit EZ Rider Surfboard

Wave Bandit EZ Rider

  • 7’0” to 9’0” in length
  • Egg-shaped longboard
  • Dual stringers and composite core
Wave Bandit Board

Wave Bandit Shred Sled

  • 4’0” in length
  • Small egg-shaped design
  • Dual composite core
Wave Bandit Ben Gravy

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy

  • 6’0” in length
  • High-performance fish shape
  • Twin wood stringers and dual composite core

What Is A Wave Bandit Surfboard? 

The Wave Bandit Surfboard isn’t just one board.

It’s a collection of surfboards that range from a 4’0 shred sled all the way up to a 9’0 EZ Rider. They are lightweight boards that can easily be handled by groms and surfing veterans alike.

These boards are designed and created in San Clemente, right in the heart of Southern California’s bustling surf culture.

Founded in 2007, these boards have been consistently challenging the traditional feel of surfing. For good reason.

wave bandit logo

Wave Bandit Performer Review 

Wave Bandit Performer Board


Let’s start with the most popular of the Wave Bandit series, the Performer.

This board comes in three distinct sizes, each with its own unique feel and ability to shred.

  • 5'6 by 21" by 2 7/8"
  • 6'0 by 21 1/2" by 3"
  • 6'6 by 22" by 3 1/8"


  • The combination of size, shape, and durability makes for one of the most fun foam shortboards on the market, if not number one. It has been test-proven by Mr. Ben Gravy on some of the most intense line-ups, so there’s no reason to doubt its performance


  • On the other hand, this board has a reputation of being a beginner board. Not because of its foam legacy, but because of how light and buoyant it is. It’s hard to perfect those deep cuts and powerful pumps to gain speed when the board just wants to float up to the top.


  • Who This Board Is Perfect For

When it comes to surfboards between the sizes of 5 and 7 feet, your mind should be thinking about shortboards. (There’s a difference in how to decide between longboard sizes.) As you get to the shorter end of spectrum, in this case the 5’6, this board is going to be suited for smaller people.

A young grom, for example, would find this board perfect for learning how to turn, throwing tricks, and once they improve, catching air. Because of its lightweight, durable material it is perfect for learning. Here’s the catch, though. Pro surfers who are 6 feet tall and 180 pounds can also ride 5’6 boards. This means this board runs the gamut of riders. But just remember, as you improve, you learn how to space out your weight so that you have a light touch.

On the other end, as you get toward the 6’6, you’ll find that this board is great for anybody who wants to ride a shortboard. In fact, 6’6 might be the ideal size, considering it can hold up anybody to about 250 lbs. (From there it might be better to find a long board.) If you’re someone who’s in the middle of these two categories, the 6’0 will offer incredible performance, and a great board to learn on.

  • Shape

The Performer comes with a classic fish shape, complete with angled tail points and a sleek nose. In general, a fish shape will be shorter than a traditional shortboard, wider, and thicker. They mimic some aspects of shortboards and some of long boards to give you an interesting ride.

  • Materials & Construction

All three Performer sizes come with dual-wood stringers and packed tight with a composite core. While it still has that familiar squish beneath your feet, you won’t be able to bend this board the wrong way.

This is one area where foam boards have found a lot of flak. Because they’re so easily warped, they don’t last as long and slow down the ride. That’s why Catch Surf has invested so much into perfecting the art of the stiff foam board.

Wave Bandit EZ Rider Review

Wave Bandit EZ Rider Surfboard


The Wave Bandit’s EZ Rider is the longboard of the series.

Coming in three distinct sizes, you can find them from one of the following:

  • 7'0 by 22 1/2" by 3 1/8"
  • 8'0 by 23" by 3 3/8"
  • 9'0 by 24" by 3 1/2"


  • With its basic shape and variable size, this board is great for learning on or for someone who is getting back into surfing. You’ll find a middle-of-the-road ride that’s great for any size swell from Summer sets to Winter barrels.


  • This isn’t the most high-performance longboard. It doesn’t have the same flow and speed of a hard-top longboard. However, it does provide surfers a quality ride and zero stress about dings.


  • Who This Board Is Perfect For

As is customary with longboards, there isn’t really a size to person ratio. Where shortboards have limitations due to weight capacity and the ability to turn for certain tricks, longboards are much more about what kind of ride you want. Obviously, the larger the board, the heavier its going to be. For smaller groms looking for a longboard, generally seven feet is enough. Anything longer will be too heavy.

Moving from a 7’0 board to a 9’0 board, the larger you get, the faster you can paddle and ride. This makes it possible to ride smaller waves. As the board gets heavier, it becomes hard to maneuver past large waves, so paddling out gets more difficult.

Once you’re on the wave, the longer the board, the slower the turns. With longboarding, slow turns help reinforce the relaxed nature of surfing. It’s what gives longboarders their style.

  • Shape

The EZ Rider is an egg-shaped longboard. Eggs are commonly referred to as “short longboards” because they kind of look like longboards that got squashed down. Because of the rounded nose, wide mid-section, and flat cut-off tail, this board holds speed and fluidity as top priorities. This isn’t the board to buy for tricks and crazy maneuvers. But if you’re looking for a high-quality ride, this is the board for you.

  • Materials & Construction

Similar to the Performer, this board has the dual stringers and composite core to keep the shape of the board locked into place. It comes equipped with a standard leash holder and tri-fin set up. The thruster fin (back middle fin) is 4.5 inches and can be removed.

dad and daughter surfing
surfing on egg shaped board

Wave Bandit Shred Sled Review

Wave Bandit Board


If you’re a half-pint grom or grommet looking for your first shredstick to improve your skills, the Shred Sled should be your top choice.

Coming in at 4’0 by 18” by 2 1/2", this board is perfect for honing your talents and making it past the first break.


  • Great for young surfers looking for their first shortboard. Most surfboard brands ignore this niche market and just make shortboards that are, well, shorter. Instead, Catch Surf made a board designed for the youth and it really shows. The mid-section is extra buoyant which helps small surfers find their balance and gives them the chance to harness the wave.


  • If you’re not a grom and looking for adventure, you can still surf this board. Spinning and twisting is easy on this board, but you won’t have much fun other than that. It’s a slow board designed for young kids, so if you’re not one of them, you’re probably better suited for something else.


  • Who This Board Is Perfect For

Apart from the other boards in the Wave Bandit series, this board was made specifically with groms in mind. You know the ones, those young surfers who watch surfing YouTube videos and are always stoked to wake up before dawn to catch the glassy morning swell. This board is made for them. It gives them a taste of what a shortboard can be without worrying about the consequences of messing up. The board resists dings and is practically unbreakable.

  • Shape

The board is shaped similar to the egg-shaped EZ Rider, but half its size. With a rounded top and slightly curved tail, this board is ready to take on any waves. It has a dual fin set up and a leash off the back, so you won’t have to worry about being stranded.

  • Materials & Construction

As with any of the Wave Bandit boards, it has a dual composite core for the stiff feel. With its high-pressure construction, you’ll feel good gaining speed and making sharp turns. It does require wax for grip, so don’t forget to pick up a bar before you head to the ocean.

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Review

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy

Ben Gravy is the main backer behind the Wave Bandit boards.

Known for his adventure filled vlogs full of home improvement, jokes, and of course, shredding waves, Ben is an honest cat who loves taking out his Wave Bandit gear. 

He even has a video of him shredding on the tiny Shred Sled to show how any board, no matter the size or shape, can be ridden.

His boards come with the signature design of a pineapple head with sunglasses on a lime green background. The only board that doesn’t have his signature style is the Shred Sled.

Wave Bandit Accessories 

To accompany your Wave Bandit surfboard, you should never forget your favorite accessories. These include:

  • Surfboard wax
  • Board bag
  • Leash
  • Car rack
  • Extra fin kit

Wave Bandit Clothes

To throw your support behind Wave Bandit, don’t forget to nab some Wave Bandit gear. Or check out Catch Surf’s wide selection of shirts, shorts, swim trunks, and their tuxedo collection.

When I went off to college, I figured I would only have room for one board. I took my Ben Gravy 6’0 Performer and haven’t regretted it for one second.

This board is perfect for shallow conditions and the occasional swell. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a more perfect board. Thanks Catch Surf!

Lyla Holmes

Catch Surf Customer


Wave Bandit vs Catch Surf

As mentioned before, it’s the same company. Or rather, Wave Bandit is a collection within Catch Surf. If you support one, you support the other.

Wave Bandit vs Wavestorm

The Wavestorm is much closer to the idea of a beginner foam board. These are the kind of boards you’ll see lining the Costco racks. They are cheap boards and are okay quality-wise. While Wavestorms are great for learning, Wave Bandit toes the line of competing with traditional hard-top surfboards.


Everything Catch Surf related comes with a 30-day warranty. This is when you should always examine your board for any dings or damages due to shipping. If there is a problem, just send it back for a new board.

Where To Buy?

Catch Surf is located in San Clemente, California. If you visit the store in person, you can throw on any stickers that you want for your board. Or you can go online to Catch Surf’s website for an in-depth look at all their quality boards.

What is the Difference Between Fish and Traditional Shape?

A fish board, due to its thicker size is great for smaller and choppier waves. Its shape feels like a short longboard, something that combines the best of both attributes.

What about the Wave Bandit Minis?

They’re great! The mini Wave Bandits are perfect options for young groms who want a taste of the real thing. Some come in shorter than four feet, making them ideal for smaller waves.

The Verdict - Should You Get One? 

Whether you’re looking for your next shred stick or longboard cruiser, the Wave Bandit has it all. Perfect for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, glancing through the selection you’ll surely find the board for you. The toughest decision you’ll have to make is: should you go for the Ben Gravy edition (answer, yes!).

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