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How prepared are you for that next perfect summer swell? If you don’t have an Odysea Skipper within ten feet of you right now, then the answer is not prepared enough!

That’s right. This Catch Surf Odysea Skipper review is about to dive into all the incredible components that make up Catch Surf’s precious gem.

If you’ve been looking for your next liquid shredder that defies everything traditional about a shortboard, then look no further. Here is a soft-top quad-fin that holds its own even in the epic swells of Oahu's famous North Shore. The Skipper comes in three distinct sizes, 5’6, 6’, and 6’6, ensuring that you find the perfect sized board for you.

What Is An Odysea Skipper? 

The Odysea Skipper is a dynamic surfboard within the Odysea collection of boards from Catch Surf.

Endorsed by many professionals, this board is incredible when it comes to wave domination.

The fluid, dynamic shape mixed with soft foam surfboard technology makes for one heck of a ride.

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Catch Surf Odysea Skipper Quad 5'6", 6'0", 6'6" Review 

Odysea Skipper Surfboard


There are three different Skipper Quads to consider when purchasing one of these boards. Each board will be better suited for people of different height and weight, and of course, the board will depend on the swell. The three sizes are:

  • The smallest of the three: 5’6” by 21” by 2.875”.
  • The medium sized board: 6’0” by 21.5” by 3”.
  • The largest of the three: 6’6” by 22” by 3.125”.


  • There are so many “pros” for this board. It shreds incredibly hard. It has a reputation out at Pipeline (the world’s leading surf spot located on the North Shore). And it’s endorsed by so many creative surfers. Its quad-fin and three different sizes allows for the individual to have a unique and amazing experience riding this board.


  • The one downfall we see in this board is it does take some experience to master. Most beginners will have a hard time jumping right onto this board as it will be harder to balance on than a longboard and harder to maneuver than your traditional hard-top shortboard.
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Who This Board Is Perfect For

This board is perfect for the seasoned pro who wants to tackle any sized wave. Because of its three sizes, these boards can be used for waves up to about 8 feet. The quad fin makes for some deep cuts so having a little experience under your belt will go a long way.

For younger groms, the 5’6” is where you’ll really see them shine. The board has that safe squish too, so wiping out won’t have any serious consequences. Plus the size of the board will keep them afloat.

Anyone who’s looking for their next shortboard and wants to go outside the traditional hard-top realm will find this board to be a breath of fresh air.


You’ll notice the shape of this board has a narrow top and a fish tail at the bottom. Both of these aspects will affect how it rides on the wave. The narrow top allows for better turns and a harsher angle on your bottom turn. The fish tail will give you more control when surfing at high speeds. (This comes with the downside that it’s less speedy than the classic squash tail.)

Materials & Construction

Like most soft-top boards, it’s made of a new-age polyethylene foam. It’s got the dual composite core for a stiff feel and the triple maple stingers for reinforcement. It also comes with standard fins to have you rocking and rolling your first day.

Signature PRO Series 

There are a number of professionals who endorse the Odysea Skipper. So don’t just take it from us, ensure that you get a quality board from the mouth of the pros.

Jamie O’Brien is one of Catch Surf’s biggest supporters. In fact, the Catch Surf JOB Skipper is his favorite shredder of the Odysea series. He has a video of him taking it out to pipeline and completely ripping up the swell.

Tyler Stanaland, the Big Boy himself, a model and professional surfer who loves to shred on any of the catch surf models. His board, sticker slapped with eyelashes, eyes, and lips, is the 6-foot shredder.

Sierra Lerback is a professional longboarder from Maui. She’s been competing in the U.S. Women’s Longboard Tour for the past four years and has demonstrated her prowess walking the plank. Her board is the 6-foot quad-fin as well.

Taj Burrow, one of the oldest and most notorious pro surfers. He was one of the top competitors in the ASP World Tour until he finally retired in 2016. His board is the thruster, the only tri-fin board of the group, because Taj is just that standard kind of guy.

I used to surf as a kid but then stopped until last year. I purchased the six foot skipper and haven’t doubted this buy for one second.

Since then I’ve improved massively and everyday I have so much fun. Any surf, any size, this board rocks!

Caitlyn Rochester

Catch Surf Customer


What’s the difference between the tri-fin and quad-fin?

Perhaps you’ve been looking at Taj Burrow’s board and you think it looks the best of all the Skippers. But it’s the only one that has the classic tri-fin instead of the quad-fin. Like anything, there’s a give and take. With three fins, the main back tail fin produces drag. You can think of it as the board channeling water through the bottom side of the board. With the quad-fin, the back center is open to allow rushing water through.

This is particularly noticeable on smaller waves where a thruster (a tri-fin) will have to pump more to gain speed while a quad-fin will be cruising.

Can this board catch air?

This board can catch air. This board can sink deep into the barrel. This board can carve up frontside, backside, and switchfoot. It can take on large Hawaiian swells and small Summer sets. Anything you can think of, this board can do. It’s why it has such a good reputation among the pros. So if you have any similar questions like: Can this board do X? The answer is: Absolutely. Next question!

What size board do you recommend?

Here’s what you need to know about size. The larger you are as a person, the larger the board you’ll need to feel comfortable. This seems like standard knowledge, right? That’s not it though. The smaller the board the more maneuverability you’ll have. The larger the board, the more speed it will be able to catch. These are all the general principles you want to keep in mind. If you’re new to surfing, the bigger the better. If you want to shred harder, generally look for something smaller.

Final Verdict - Should You Get One?

Uhh, duh! Absolutely you should get one. If Jamie O’Brien loves a board this much, than we should all love that board. Not that he’s the one opinion to rule them all, but his surfing really does speak for itself. Seeing him shred waves on the Odysea Skipper is proof enough that this board has epic potential.

The only question is, are you willing to master the board, and thus master yourself?

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