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Arr Matey! It’s time ye walk the Plank!

That’s right everybody. We’re putting on our pirate hats, hook hands, and eye patches, and heading out for the next gnarly swell to walk the Plank.

Not just any plank, we’re talking about walking Catch Surf’s signature single fin longboard. Built like a hunk of wood, this board is sturdy, powerful, and can be used to drop knee or ten-toe salute at the front of the board. So hang ten, walk the plank, do whatever it is you need to do. Just be sure you check out this Catch Surf Odysea Plank review.

What Is An Odysea Plank?

The Odysea Plank is one of two longboards in the Odysea collection. These boards are a collection of soft-top foam surfboards by Catch Surf that defy what foam boards can be. When talking about soft-tops, people generally think of Costco brand boards ridden by wobbly beginners.

Catch Surf thought that too. That’s why they created their line of foam boards to change the way we look at the boards we learned on and loved. The Plank follows in that tradition. It’s a single fin longboard that comes in one of four sizes (from six to nine feet).

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Catch Surf Odysea Plank Single Fin 6’0”, 7’0”, 8’0”, 9’0”  Review 

Odysea Plank Board


Let’s start with the basic dimensions of each board:

  • 6’ by 22” by 3.125”
  • 7’ by 22” by 3.125”
  • 8' by 23" by 3.375"
  • 9’ by 24” by 3.5”

That’s height, followed by width, followed by thickness. These dimensions are important to have a grasp on. The height and width determine how it will feel riding the wave. The larger the boards the more speed you can gain, the larger waves you can ride, and the more stable the ride will feel. On the flip side, the smaller the board, the more maneuverable it is, the harder you can turn, and the more tricks you can do.

These are all factors to consider when looking for a board.


  • What’s great about this board is it gives you everything you could want in that classic longboard feel.


  • Some may find trouble with the single fin ride as it takes a bit of loosening up. You have to go with the flow of the wave and can’t force every turn.
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Who This Board Is Perfect For

Whether you’re a grom, an amateur, a season veteran, or a professional surfer, the Plank cannot steer you wrong. This board, with its four different sizes, can find a home in any repertoire out there.

For young groms and grommets, the six-footer is perfect to grasp the basics of surfing and to slowly integrate turns into their flow. The nine-footer is great for anyone looking to try out surfing for the first time. The seven-footer and eight-footer are perfect longboards for the amateur or seasoned veteran who wants a quality soft board to cruise through the swell.


The shape is that of a classic longboard. It has the rolling curved nose and the blunt tail behind its fin. This will give you that stable ride you’re looking for in a longboard. Of course you’ve seen those old school videos of longboarders hanging ten on massive boards. The Plank recreates that feel and gives you a board perfect for cruising, walking up and down, knee-dropping, the whole shebang.

Materials & Construction

Like the other boards in the Odysea series, this board is a classic foam board. This means that it is made with new-age polyethylene foam and then reinforced with triple maple-ply stingers and a dual composite core for the stiff feel you want in a surfboard. The board comes with a standard longboard fin which can be replaced with any sized fin you’re looking for.

Signature Plank PRO Series

This board is backed up and supported by the one, the only, Sierra Lerback. A fitting sponsor for the Maui-raised surfer. This flower-picking, go with the flow, surfer girl has won the hearts of many fans. She still competes sometimes, but mostly just follows the swells and surfs. A true surfer at heart.

Her board comes as a 7-foot, 8-foot, or 9-foot, and features the flowers she so often picks on the side of the freeway in Maui.

I originally bought a nine foot board for my husband, but he never took it out so I started using it. I’ll tell you, I haven’t had this much fun since I was a kid.

It’s been two years now and the board still acts brand new. I’m able to walk up and down the board and cruise all the way into shore. This board is great!

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Catch Surf Customer


Is this a good board to learn on?

Yes. Not only does it have the stability and the length you’re looking for, but it has that classic soft-top squish you want. Whether you’re a young grom or someone older who’s looking to try surfing for the first time, this board has your back. We recommend going for the largest size, the nine-footer, if this is your first time. Having something buoyant and stable will provide a good learning platform.

What does a single fin do?

The cult-followed single fin is all about style over anything else. It generates less speed and is harder to turn than tri-fin set ups. So why would anybody ride single fin? The single fin allows you to be in tune with the wave. Because you can’t generate anything on your own, you rely on working with the wave to create that perfect ride.

Once you feel the flow, you might just find yourself a part of that single fin cult.

Should I wear a leash with this board?

Our helpful tip is: You should wear a leash with any board. Not only is it dangerous to surf without one, but it’s a total drag when you have to go swimming all the way into shore just to fetch your board. Many people complain about how longboarding with a leash is against surfing culture, but that’s just echoes of a past ideology. Leashes keep yourself and the people who are swimming behind you safe.

What size waves is this board good for?

With a longboard there are two different skill levels that give access to two different swell sizes. Let’s start with the beginner terrain. When first learning to surf, longboards are great for those whitewash waves that roll in from the outside set. These waves are often 1-3 feet tall and not very powerful. With the large board under you, you can still catch these waves and learn to pop up.

Then, once you’ve improved, you can take the board to that outside swell and ride with all the other surfers. That’s when understanding your skill level is key to having a good time. Typically beginners and amateurs will have fun on longboards on waves that are somewhere between 2 to 5 feet. After that, the waves get harder to manage, they roll in faster, and it becomes harder to paddle out. For anything larger than 5 feet we recommend having a few swells under your belt.

Final Verdict - Should You Get One?

Well, what are you looking for? Are you looking for a new soft-top board to learn on? Or are you looking for a fresh single-fin to paddle out on the next swell? Really, this board can be used for anyone at any skill level. With its classic shape and single-fin design, this longboard is a classic for a reason. Learn to walk the nose or to pop up. Skillswise, this board will meet you where you’re at, and won’t ever leave your side.

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