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It’s a boat! It’s a whale! No, it’s… it’s a Log!?

Oh baby! Catch Surf has done it again. 

Wondering whether this soft-top longboard has what it takes to cruise or shred atop Mother Nature’s belly? 

In this Catch Surf Odysea Log review, we’re going to dive into the pros and cons to help you make the best buying decision.

What Is An Odysea Log?

Here you go.

The Odysea Log is part of Catch Surf’s Odysea collection.

A group of soft-tops designed to change the way people think about foam surfboards.

And they’re changing minds alright.

With sponsors like Kalani Robb, Jamie O’Brien, and more, these boards are taking main stage as the go-to soft board on the market.

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Odysea Log Board


One of the greatest aspects of the Odysea Log is that you are going to find a size that is perfect for you and for any swell. Ranging from six feet to nine feet, here are the four different size dimensions:

  • 6' by 22” by 3.125”
  • 7’ by 22” by 3.125”
  • 8’ by 23” by 3.375"
  • 9’ by 24” by 3.50”

To get a better understanding of surfboard dimensions, let’s break it down into its different features. For smaller waves, having a larger board under you is going to allow you to gain more speed and catch more waves. Once you’re riding the wave, the longer boards will be harder to bottom turn and maneuver. The wide base on all these boards allows for a smooth, stable ride, ideal for practicing your pop up.


  • We’ll start with the pros because it’s going to take some time to think of any cons. For beginners, getting the 8 foot or 9 foot will prove to be a helpful practice board to learn on. Amateurs will find the feel of the 7 foot longboard to be optimal for mastering some new tricks and putting some flair into their style. Seasoned veterans, you’ll love this board because you’ve never ridden a soft-top like Catch Surf’s Log.


  • In terms of cons, the one downside that could be a problem is the thinner midsection. Here you might find that you have less balance than a traditional hardtop longboard. The thinner middle is great for turning, but some beginners might find they have less stability than on other boards.
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Surfing at beach


Who This Board Is Perfect For

Our first instinct is to say, who isn’t this board for? From professional surfers like Tyler Stanaland and Jonny Redmond to young groms who are jumping in the water for the first time, the Log is a great all around board.


Because of it’s classic longboard shape, just about anybody will have fun with these boards. It has a nice curved nose and a sharp cutoff on the tail. With the rails being a bit tucked in and the width a little skinnier than your average longboard, you’re going to be carving through the water with speed.

Materials & Construction

Made with new-age polyethylene foam, this board has a sleek graphic on the bottom, triple maple wood stingers, and that dual composite core for the stiff, sturdy feel. It also comes with the classic tri-fin set up so you’ll have good maneuverability once you’re on the wave.

Signature Log PRO Series

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many familiar faces who have thrown their support behind this incredible longboard. Some of these names you’ll probably recognize.

Jamie O’Brien - Who doesn’t love the man, the myth, the legend? This guy is responsible for keeping half of the surfing community psyched and ready to have fun. His board comes with the signature tiger and striped flowers.

Tyler Stanaland - Part time model, part time surfer, Tyler Stanaland is known for taking the biggest waves whenever he can get them. His pink board comes stickered up with lips, eyes, and polka dots.

Harry Bryant - You probably know Harry Bryant from his bowl cut hairdo. This big wave surfer was the talk of the town for his released surf video “Orb” at the end of last year. He’s an Aussie who loves to have a good time and shred big waves.

Johnny Redmond - Johnny is known for his fun, goofy style. He never takes life too seriously and always knows how to spice up a small swell with some new inventive tricks.

Kalani Robb - A surfing legend, Kalani Robb is known for both his surfing prowess and his small roles in Hollywood. His board’s graphic seems like a bunch of stickers and shapes randomly thrown on the board. A fitting style, for an incredible surfer.

I’ve been surfing since I was seventeen and haven’t ridden a foam board since my first time. I always thought they were for beginners.

After my buddy convinced me to try the Log, my new life slogan is Foam For Life! Thank you Catch Surf!

Tom Whittier

Catch Surf Customer


Do you have to wear a leash with a longboard?

There’s a stigma when it comes to wearing a leash with a longboard. It’s an old tradition that has caused many surfers to sadly swim all the way back to shore just to pick up their board and get back out to the waves. It’s in our humble opinion that you should always wear a leash. Not just to avoid the swim of shame, but also to keep everybody in the water safe. A loose board is like a 20 pound blunt object charging toward the shore. If there are any kids in its path, they’ll surely get knocked hard. So think of the kids and wear a leash.

Is this board good for tricks?

Whether you want to hang ten, pop a floater, or helicopter takeoff, the Log is just as good for learning longboard tricks as any other. You’ll find yourself progressing fast just because of how solid this board is.

Which is better: a single fin or tri-fin?

Neither one is better. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Tri-fins allow you to make strong bottom turns, and to easily maneuver on the wave. They are the standard set-up because they give you a clean ride every time. The single fin longboard puts you closer to Mother Nature. You have less control over your turns and your speed, so you’re forced to rely on the wave to help you out. Some traditionalists claim that the single fin is always the way to go. To us, it’s a preference thing.

Final Verdict - Should You Get One? 

If you want to have a blast in the water regardless of the swell, than you should definitely pick up a Log. Whether you go for a short six footer or the classic nine foot longboard, you’ll enjoy the waves with the best of soft-top technology on the market. Happy riding!

Odysea Log Surfboard

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