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It’s always great when you find a brand that makes quality boards and who continues to one-up the competition. Catch Surf is the brand that we count on to keep progressing toward surfing’s future. That’s why we put together this Catch Surf Odysea board review. 

Today, that board is the 54 Special.

If you’re ready to learn more about this wonderful liquid shredder, endorsed by surfers like Jamie O’Brien, Taj Burrow, Kalani Robb, Blair Conklin, and Harry Bryant, then continue reading.

What Is An Odysea Surfboard? 

The 54 Special boards are just one category of Odysea surfboards offered by Catch Surf. Odysea includes different soft top boards that are built for riders of all skill levels. A common misconception about soft top surfboards is that they are only for beginners. This misconception was due to the early prevalence of foam longboards in the boom of the early 2000s.

Now, material technology has advanced to provide quality rides in a lightweight, soft fashion. For anyone looking for the next generation of soft top boards check out any of the Odysea style surfboards: Stump, Skipper, Log, Plank, and of course the 54 Special.

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The Catch Surf Odysea 54 Special Review 

Odysea Surfboard


The dimensions of the 54 Special are 54” by 19.75” by 2.5”.

When we say this board is small, we mean it’s tiny.

Can something this small produce the speed and power you want from a traditional surfboard?

The answer is absolutely yes.


  • A board this size first and foremost means lightweight. Anybody can carry this from a young grommet to a full grown adult. Lightweight means easy to maneuver in the water. That means good turning, able to scale with your trick base, and you will feel empowered on the wave. Another feature of this board is that because it is a soft-top, it is a little more buoyant on the wave. This means that, despite its small size, you’ll have an easy time catching waves.


  • However, this only applies to a small subsection of waves. Anything from 1-5 feet wave-wise and you’ll be cruising along having a great day. Around 6 feet or higher, you’ll start to notice a couple things. For one, it will start to become harder to catch waves. This is because waves of that magnitude travel extremely fast and have a lot of power behind them. It’s why big wave surfers out in Mavericks will often be on a board larger than 10 feet.
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Who This Board Is Perfect For

Anybody of any age who wants to have a shredstick in their arsenal that’s lightweight, easy to use, and has great maneuverability. That seems a little broad doesn’t it? Well it’s the reason we love the Odysea 54 so much.

Young kids who are looking for their first short board will find this board perfect. Seasoned veterans who want to challenge themselves and try an untraditionally small board will be surprised at how addictive a board like this can be. Its great handling means unregulated fun on small to mid-size waves.

Board Breakdown


The board has two notable shape characteristics, apart from its size. For one, the deep concave entry allows for a dynamically fluid ride. It creates a pocket around which the water flows, assisting those hard bottom turns. The other part you’ll notice is how the tails just vees out. Both these attributes in combination allows for a quick speed upgrade while still handling turns like a champ.

Materials & Construction

This is a soft board, which means it’s made out of foam. Its dual-composite core provides a stiff board beneath your feet, while also keeping the soft squish we love.



This board comes with the classic tri-fin set up for great maneuverability and control. In addition, these fins are removable and can be popped out and replaced any time. This makes it great for storing; having the ability to take the fins off makes the board skinnier.


There is also a leash holder in its proper place at the back of the board. Always be sure to wear a leash as it helps keep yourself from having to swim all the way back to shore when you wipe out. It also keeps others safe from any runaway boards.

Other Odysea Models

As previously mentioned, there are many different boards available in the Catch Surf Odysea brand. To give you the full picture, let’s break down the other four Odysea models.

Catch Surf Odysea Skipper Review

The quad-fin Odysea Skipper is a great middle of the pack board for amateurs and veterans alike. The board comes in three distinct sizes. There’s the 5’6, the 6’, and the 6’6. Each board comes with its own set of pros and cons. You can think of it in this manner: The taller the board, the easier it is to catch a wave and the more buoyant it will be. The smaller the board, the more maneuverability it will have when riding the wave.

Catch Surf Odysea Log Review

The infamous Odysea Log surfboard. Coming in sizes of 6, 7, 8, or 9 feet, the Log fits riders of all sizes and skill levels. Beginners will find this board to be stable, soft, lightweight, and easy to learn on. Amateurs to pros will find this longboard to be efficient and a lot of fun. All boards come with the tri-fin set-up, slick bottom, dual composite core, and triple wood stingers.

Catch Surf Odysea Stump Review

The Stump is like the Odysea Log’s little sibling. It’s a 5-foot longboard if that makes any sense. It’s built just like a longboard but it fits experienced shortboarders and groms alike. Incredibly fun for any skill level, these boards are able to generate tremendous speed while still having the lightweight experience of a short soft board. Perfect for catching barrels, cruising lanes, and beginners trying to learn.

Catch Surf Odysea Plank Review

The Plank is just what it sounds like. It’s a hunk on the water. Perfect for catching any size wave. It comes in four sizes ranging from six feet to nine feet. They are all traditional single-fin boards helping to steer your board with precision. For longboards of these sizes it’s important to take into account what you’re looking for. Size will determine the ride, the maneuverability, and its buoyancy.

Incredible ride!! I was skeptical when my girlfriend first bought me this board but its size soon became its biggest asset.

So much fun, you have so much control. It’s just absolutely incredible. Been surfing a long time and this board is a treat!

Izzy Lorde

Catch Surf Customer



When purchasing any valuable product, it’s always important to look through the warranty carefully. Here is Catch Surf’s warranty for their boards. Once you purchase and receive your board, be sure to thoroughly inspect for dings, dents, or cracks. Any defects or damages should be reported immediately for either a new board or a free repair. These have to be reported within the first thirty days of purchase, so this is something you definitely don’t want to lag on.

Note that there is no way to get a monetary refund or to switch boards for another type once you have committed to buying one.

Another consideration is that the installation of third-party fins or any initial work done on the board will cause the warranty to be voided. This is important to know because surfers will often throw on their favorite fins immediately after getting the board. This should be done once the board is properly assessed and approved.

Where To Buy?

There are a number of places to purchase a 54 Special. The three most common places to purchase these boards (or any surfboard for that matter) are online, in-store, and via third-party sellers.

For one, you can buy Catch Surf boards right through their website. (They accept Paypal and Amazon cash too!) They can also be easily found on Amazon. And there are Catch Surf stores in San Clemente, Malibu, and Laguna Beach. Check out these to get a good idea of the board and feel how light it is. The third option is to go through third-parties like used surfboard shops or online resales like eBay and Craigslist.

There are a number of places to find these boards, the most important thing is choosing the best board for your situation.

Wave Bandit vs Odysea

While both of these boards are soft top boards, the Wave Bandit and Odysea differ in their consumer market. The Wave Bandit is much more fit for the beginner crowd with its wider base and larger size. The Odysea however, while still being great for beginners is often associated with amateurs and veterans.

What Is The Max Weight For The Odysea?

There is no specified maximum weight for The Odysea. However, as there are videos of Jamie O’Brien ripping on the 54 Special, we can say for sure that it fits a grown-sized man. He’s about 180 lbs according to a simple Google search, so that we can be sure of. It probably fits anyone 220 lbs or less comfortably, with some wiggle room.

What Size Waves for the 54 Special?

The optimal waves for a board of this size will be anything less than 5 feet. Above this and you might find that the board cannot keep up with the strength and intensity of the waves. Below 5 feet, however, you’ll notice this board has incredible depth and maneuverability. This size of wave is great for beginners and seasoned pros as it provides good strength without being dangerous.

Final Verdict - Should You Get One? 

In the end, the Odysea 54 Special is just one board in a large selection of soft top boards. We believe its separation from the traditional surfboard look makes it feel like a risky purchase. But so many have been journeying to this land of short shortboards and are embracing the decision. These boards shred hard while staying incredibly lightweight and easy to use.

So should you get one? We think absolutely yes. Having this in your repertoire for those perfect summer swells will be one of the best decisions you make.

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