BIC Surfboard Review

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As one of the most popular manufacturers of pens and lighters, not many surfers are aware that BIC also happens to create some of the top foam surfboards on the market.

OF course, the question is: Can BIC surfboards actually hold up in the waves.

Today, we’re going to dive in and take a deeper look at BIC surfboards to help you decide whether or not adding one of these boards to your quiver is worth it. 

The BIC Surfboard Brand

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“What business does a pen company have making surfboards?!”

The short answer is: a lot.

Turns out the Bich family are really into water sports. They created BIC Sports line in 1979 to use company money and splurge out on their passion! BIC started with windsurfing and created their first Surfboard in 1994. BIC’s goal was to find the most affordable, accessible board for surfers of all ages and experience levels.

After years of innovating and improving upon their shape, materials, and performance, their soft top boards gained massive success and popularity in the early 2000’s.

 The soft top market has grown exponentially since then, but BIC is still producing surfboards that are at the top of the soft top game!

BIC Paint Surfboard

#1 BIC Paint Surfboard

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard

#2 BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard

BIC DURA-TEC Natural Surfboard

#3 BIC DURA-TEC 7'9" Natural Surf

BIC Magnum Surfboard

#4 BIC Magnum 7'0" Surfboard

BIC ACE-TEC Longboard Surfboard

#5 BIC ACE-TEC Longboard 9'4" Surfboard

The Product Line 

#1 BIC Paint Surfboard Review

The BIC Paint surfboard is BIC’s egg board shape and model. It’s still a soft top, but it’s much shorter than your average foam surfboard and is designed more as a way for young kids to learn or for more advanced surfers of all ages to have a fun board to take out and shred weak summer waves. 

The Paint board ranges in dimensions from 4'11" x 19.86" x 2.38" x 30  to 6’6” x 19” x 2.75” and is made of an EPS (expanded polystyrene) core, has an IXPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) deck and rails for added durability, two stringers (wood or composite) a full layer hard-slick skin for the smoothest glide possible, and soft fins.

The biggest downside to the Paint board is that the use of IXPE on the deck, while adding durability, makes it extremely slick and slippery. For a board that’s intended to be a ripping summer shred stick, the lack of grip on the deck can be a bit of a bummer. You will absolutely need to use wax with this board and you still might find yourself looking for more. There is also no leash included so take note of that when purchasing this board.

#2 BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard Review

The G-Board EVO series is one of the classic, tried and true BIC Soft to Surfboard models.

The G-Board EVO is a simple and effective Mini Malibu shape.

The board ranges all the way from 5’6 to 8’0 and is composed of a PE (polyethylene) closed cell foam core, EVA (ethyl-vinylacetate) deck, two reenforced composite stringers, and a thruster fin set up (with three soft fins included and twin fins for the 5’6 model respectively). ()

The G-Board EVO is a “what you see is what you get” soft top and this is both its strength and its weakness. You’ll have a durable, easy to use soft top that will help you catch waves, but after that don’t expect too much in ways of performance. This is a great board for beginners and surfers looking for a reliable and durable board to take out in summer surf. Intermediates looking for more out of a soft top should beware and consider a more advanced model ()

#3 BIC DURA-TEC 7'9" Natural Surf Review

The Natural Surf is one of BIC’s signature DURA-TEC construction softboards.

DURA-TEC combines an ultra-durable polyethylene outer shell with a full polyurethane foam core. Think about the outer the durability of the shell of a kayak, but with the light weight of a typical fiberglass surfboard and that’s DURA-TEC.

The Natural Surf is 7’9 and has a weight limit support of up to 220 lbs. for riders. It is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediates alike.

Perfectly balancing out the stability and durability of a traditional longboard foamie with the versatility and maneuverability of a fun board, the Natural Surf does everything it can to live up to its name!

For surfers brand new to the sport or still very green, this board is slightly more difficult than a traditional 8ft or larger longboard to catch small mushy waves. It will perform better in waist high + but don’t let it deter you if this is the board you like, you’ll learn fast enough to more than make up for the initial struggle. However, if you’re only going to be headed to the beach once or twice a year, consider a more traditional (larger) option.

#4 BIC Magnum 7'0" Surfboard Review

The Magnum was specifically designed to help novice surfers gain confidence and progress as fast as possible! () The beauty of the Magnum is that the board offers this ease of progression and increase in skill throughout all early phases of learning.

It’s not going to just help you catch waves as easily as possible. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll learn how to catch and ride the line with as much effortlessness as leaning to catch waves. After you’ve figured out how to hold your line, you’ll find learning how some basic carves just as rewarding and as quick as your previous lessons. The Magnum continuously delivers an exceptional advancement through the early learning curve of surfing.

The BIC Magnum is another DURA-TEC construction board and delivers a superior balance of durability and maneuverability!

#5 BIC ACE-TEC Longboard 9'4" Surfboard Review

The BIC ACE-TEC 9’4” Longboard is the ultimate in classic longboard surfing!

The ACE-TEC construction makes BIC boards up to 30% stronger than a traditional fiberglass longboard! An ASA composite skin covers an epoxy resin wrapped around a polystyrene core produces the most lightweight and durable fiberglass possible.

At 9’4” x 22 3/4 weighing only 16.5lbs, the ACE-TEC longboard from BIC sticks to the traditional and proven longboard shape with a focus on more traditional nose riding, old-school style of surfing.

This board is a perfect mix of lightweight, durability, and performance. It’s a must buy for any longboard enthusiast!


BIC’s History With Surfboards

BIC began producing surfboards in 1994. Starting with traditional longboards in the 90’s, the company eventually began to find it’s footing and establish a name for itself in the world of surfing after diving into the world of foam boards (or soft tops) in the early 2000’s.

After delivering a quality, affordable, and impressive foam board for surfers of all ages and experience the company doubled down on their R&D and began experimenting with new types of construction for their surfboards.

 BIC’s DURA-TEC and ACE-TEC construction have led to some of the most impressive soft boards and longboards on the casual side of the surfing market.

Bic history
Balancing on board



BIC Sport has a limited warranty on their products that only covers defects in materials or construction. Any claim will require taking the board back to the original place of purchase with proof of purchase  (Save your receipts!) and will require photos, serial numbers and the works.

Any other form of damage to the board will NOT be covered under warranty. If you’re trying to pull a fast one on BIC after slamming this thing into a rock or accidentally running it over, it’s gonna take a lot of luck.

You can read the full warranty on their website here.

Is A BIC Worth It? Should I Buy?

I still can’t believe the answer to this question is yes, but it is a resounding yes!

As a teenager, the first I saw a BIC surfboard was around the time the Blue Crush movie was coming out. I thought for sure this company was just trying to cash in on the new surge in surfing popularity. I was wrong.

They’ve been in the water for 4 decades now and have a passion for the water as deep as the rest of us! They’re committed to finding a balance between quality and accessibility for the new and experienced alike.

Where To Buy?

BIC surfboards are located online and all over the country. The easiest way to find an official dealer is to use the dealer locater found on their website here.

Does their board come with a free Pen, Lighter, or other stationary item?

No, not yet.

Final Verdict - Should You Get One? 

A BIC Surfboard is a surprisingly worthy addition to your quiver!

With decades of research & development and a true passion for the water, BIC delivers a quality surfboard where others simply outsource and slap a brand on for cash.

DURA-TEC boards have an astounding amount of resilience. Lightweight cores wrapped in strong durable shells is a surprisingly simple yet effective practice in producing lightweight and tough soft tops!

ACE-TEC longboards truly merit a paddle out for any traditional longboarder. The perfect balance between lightweight, durability, and performance, these longboards outperform their competition while providing and amazing surfing experience.

If you’re still having a hard time looking past the brand, let it go and don’t hesitate to grab a quality BIC surfboard!


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