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Almost every surfer has pulled up to their home break with the newest and raddest board, paddled out, caught their first wave, and resurfaced to find the same board with a ding the size of a melon, a fin box ripped out, or in the most extreme cases a board split in half.

Your mind begins to race, “All the waves I’ll never get to ride! All that hard work and cash flushed down the f—king toilet!”

It’s a bummer to say the least.

However there’s a loop hole to this dilemma.  Read our Catch Surf Beater Board review below and learn how to skip that noise!

What Is A Beater Board?

You ever see that 20 - 30 year old car down by the beach with duct tape on the windows, smoke coming out of each end, and so much rust on it that you think it might be from the set of a Mad Max movie?

That’s a Beater.

It’s something that sacrifices vanity and flash for practicality and an increased amount of freedom without having to worry about dings, scratches, or breaks along the way.

Beater logo

Catch Surf DID NOT create their boards with this in mind but it applies here in more than one way.

While there’s no shortage of vanity - deck designs range from rad 80’s inspired patterns, full prints, and everything in between - the board sacrifices the typical shape, size, material and approach to surfing in general and leaves a mutant in its place.  By ditching the conventional board Catch Surf makes it possible to surf however you want in any conditions or environment (rocks, reefs, shore breaks, etc.) without having to worry about the consequences!

The Beater name was actually inspired as a way to “beat” the blackball / yellow flag raised on SoCal beaches every summer. By making it possible to surf the Beater foam surfboard, these finless boards could be used anywhere, anytime.

The Review


  • The Pro’s to riding a Beater are pretty straight forward. You’ve got an experimental shape comprised of solid, durable materials leaving you free to surf this board as mellow or as weird and intense as you desire! Being the mini foam board that it is, you’ll get away with slamming this thing into just about anything.


  • The Con’s also lie in its experimental shape. The Beater is such a mutant that it will be a very difficult board to learn the basics on for those new to surfing and a more traditional board will help you get the feel of things faster and more efficiently.
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Surfer at the beach

Who This Board Is Perfect For

This board is perfect for any surfer with a flair for experimentation or a desire to experience surfing in as many varieties as possible.

Board Breakdown


The Beater is its own shape. Designed and patented in California, The Beater is best described as a combination of an Egg shape, Funboard, and Thruster all squashed into one unique little mutant.  The shape of the Beater is as close to a skateboard as you can get out in the lineup!

Materials & Construction

The Beater is comprised of twin maple stringers, a dual composite core, an 8 lb. polyethylene deck and a HDPE impact resistant skin providing the lightest and most durable foam board possible.



There are three models for The Beater. Finless, Single Fin or Twin Fin. The Twin Fin comes with two removable 3.5” soft pop-thru keel fins and the Single Fin model comes with a 4.5" raked fin. As you may have guessed, the finless option does not come with any fins. Fin upgrades are sold on Catch Surf’s website here.


No leashes are included with the Catch Surf Beater. A pop thru leash plug is included but this should not be confused with an actual leash. Conveniently, leashes can be bought on the accessory page here.

Models & Options

Beater 48

The Beater 48 comes in three models. Single Fin, Twin Fin, and Finless. The type of fin set up you choose comes down to what type of ride you’re hoping for. The Single Fin and The Twin Fin will give you more stability and will make it slightly easier to get up and start riding. The Finless model will take some more practice, but it feels like the more complete experience. While the shape of the Beater helps it stand out, the finless surfing experience is what makes this board truly something more than just a gimmick.

Dimensions vary slightly by specific model, but all Beater 48’s have tapered D-rails, a twin-channel crescent tail, a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) impact resistant skin, twin maple stringers, a dual composite core, and an 8 lb. polyethylene deck.

Beater 54

The larger variation of the Beater, The Beater 54 is more of the same as the 48 but with much larger volume. Certain models of the Beater 58 provide a volume of up to 35 Liters.

Again, you can expect to find the same twin-channel crescent tail, tapered D-rails,HDPE impact resistant skin, twin maple stringers, dual composite core, and 8 lb. polyethylene deck among the slight model specific dimension variations.

The Beater 54 is strictly Twin Fin or Finless. If you’re looking for some stability go with the twin fin set up. If you’re looking to see what you can get away with, go for the finless experience!

Beater Twin Fin

Twin fins are extremely quick! They’re extremely loose and respond to the slightest movements. You’ll be able to generate your own speed without any problems on a twin set up. The drawback to this is that twin fins are prone to spinning or sliding out from right under your feet. If you’re looking to experiment with a loose, classic era style, you’ll want to go for the Twin Fin Beater.

Beater Single Fin

Single fins are great for holding line and just cruising. Single Fin setups require you get yourself in perfect position with the wave in order to generate speed though. Your speed will mostly come from the wave itself and what it gives you, as opposed to being able to generate it yourself. If you’re looking to surf as simply as possible on the Beater, the Single Fin is the option you’re looking for.

Beater Finless

For the most experimental and challenging ride, take the Finless Beater!. Inspired and created as a way to beat the blackball, The Beater Finless is the only way to truly experience free friction surfing! To truly experience the Beater as a unique surfing experience and not just another gimmick ya gotta go finless! Be prepared for a steep learning curve and a ton of turning heads once you’re sliding and spinning effortlessly all over the face of your local spot.


The Catch Surf Beater is EPIC! I took it out on a south last summer and had a blast with this thing.

You can rip it anyway you want because it's so light and short! It took a beating on the shore a couple of times and I even ran into the jetty with it but still no dings!

Shawn Graft

Catch Surf Customer



There’s a very limited warranty for the Catch Surf Beater. Any “manufacturing or materials deficit” spotted within the first 30 days are eligible to be replaced and repaired under warranty.

NOTE: Installing any kind of product that’s 3rd party (kick pad, fins, leashes, etc.) voids the warranty. Using the board for surf lessons or surf schools voids the warranty. Using the board and damaging it period, voids the warranty.

If you’re trying to make a claim, read the full warranty here so that you know exactly how to word your case and don’t shoot yourself in the foot accidentally.

Where To Buy?

You can buy the Beater online or at any sponsored dealer nationwide. You’d be surprised how many states are carrying these things! (What up Arizona, Alabama, Colorado and Montana!)  Check out the dealer locater here for the store closest to you!

Beater VS Odysea Stump

While both boards are sporting similar dimensions the key difference is in how they perform.

The Beater is meant to live up to it’s name. It’s meant to take a beating.  Whether that’s as a finless glorified boggie board or a classic era twin fin is up to you The Beater offers a ton of variety and room to experiment on smaller, crappier waves in rougher environments.

The extra rocker on the Odysea Stump goes a long way.  The Stump is meant to be ridden like a mini log.  Ideal for small but clean conditioned and fun waves, it functions as a thruster or a quad fin and shines where a little more floatation can help you find an extra second or two in the barrel or to dig a little deeper into your next carve.

For a more experimental ride, go with the Beater. For something a little easier to manage in good conditions and average to fun sized surf, you’ll want the Odysea Stump.

Beater Board Weight Limit

80 lbs - 220 lbs (depending on skill level)

The 54” Beater rocks a maximum volume of 35 Liters. This puts your weight limit at 80 lbs for Beginners all the way up to 220 lbs. for Advanced Surfers. You can see where you check out using the volume chart located here.

Free Friction Surfing

Free Friction surfing has been around since the beginning but has most recently started garnering attention thanks to pioneers like Derek Hynd and Jordan Rodin. In Derek’s own words, he was inspired to experiment with free friction surfing while watching the Daytona 500. “About fifteen years ago I watched the Daytona 500 live, and wanted that feeling on the high line. I got to wonder in less than a second what it’d be like to deliberately lose friction going as fast as I could, but increase the speed.”

As a result of this desire to experiment, more and more surfers have been experimenting with free friction surfing and experiencing this phenomenon.

Final Verdict - Should You Get One?

The Catch Surf Beater is a must add for anyone looking to build an experimental quiver!

While dimensions vary slightly for each specific model, the choice between a Beater 48 and Beater 54 will mostly boil down to your height and weight. Regardless of which Beater you choose, both models have tapered D rails, twin maple stringers, a dual composite core, HDPE impact resistant skin, an 8 lb. polyethylene deck and a twin channel crescent tail.

These materials provide the most durable and lightweight foam board experience possible! The Beater can withstand pounding shore break, getting launched into the rocks or caught in the reef and still maintain its integrity while remaining ultra light.

Bottom line, when you are looking through the list of todays top foam surfboards, this ones at the top. 

All Beaters - regardless of dimension differences - are shaped in their patented design of being an Egg Shape - Funboard - Thruster all squashed into one Mutation!

Set ups vary from Single Fin to Twin Fin to entirely Finless.In a way, these set ups move you closer and closer to the true Beater experience.

The Single Fin will provide you with a board that will catch and hold line, giving you the most simple wave riding experience you could hope for on the Beater.

The Twin Fin gives you more maneuverability and a quicker, looser ride. You’ll be able to generate your own speed with ease and so long as you don’t overshoot your bottom turn or carves, you shouldn’t have to worry about the board sliding out from underneath you.

The Finless Beater completes this board’s unique mutation. Appearing to be a glorified boggie board from the shore, the most impressive, wildest, and experimental surfing you’ll see on the Beater is done on the finless model. It doesn’t come easy, but this is the ultimate way to surf Catch Surf’s Beater!

Whether you’re looking to just beat the crap out of a board at your local break this summer or really explore and expand your horizons for wave riding experience, Catch Surf’s Beater is an excellent addition to any surfer’s quiver!


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