Best Skimboards

Best Skimboards Reviewed

There’s tons of different types, shapes, and materials available for skimboards. Whether you’re wondering if a fiberglass board is really worth it or if there’s any difference between two shapes, you’ll find the answers here. We’ve looked at a bunch of skimboards to help you find your best board. Continue Reading

Surfing Pop Up

You’ve made it. You’ve managed to make it out into the lineup. You’ve caught a wave, and now you’re probably wondering what’s next. Before your excitement overwhelms you and you ruin your stoke by falling before you’ve even stood up, you can read this surfing pop up guide and avoid all that. Once you’ve mastered the proper…

Best Surf Accessories

Best Surfing Accessories

When it comes to surfing, we always seem to need the accessories that we don’t possess. I can’t even count the number of times where I’ve needed a fin key and didn’t have one. When you have the proper surfing accessories on hand, it can make surfing a much more enjoyable experience.  The question you might be asking…

Surfer Health

Surfer Health

Having good health as a surfer is extremely important, as it will help you to perform really well when in the ocean. This means sticking to the proper diet, having a solid warm-up prior to getting out, sleeping enough at night, and training on a regular basis to maker sure that your body stays in…