Vans Crocs Review

Vans Crocs

Vans Crocs ​  This past year, Vans did the unthinkable and released a pair of rubber slip-on shoes, completely rinsable and ultra-comfortable. We know what’s going through your head right now, “Did Vans REALLY make a pair of Crocs?” It definitely looks that way! The true question is, are they legit? Let’s dig in and find out! Continue Reading

Best Skimboards

Best Skimboards Reviewed

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.There’s tons of different types, shapes, and materials available for skimboards. Whether you’re wondering if a fiberglass board is really worth it or if there’s any difference between two shapes, you’ll find the answers here. We’ve looked at a bunch of skimboards to help you find your best…