Stormblade Surfboard

Stormblade Surfboard Review

Stormblade Surfboard Review *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.We’ve seen a lot of different surfboards. So when we find a good brand that knows how to make boards, we start paying attention. StormBlade has been around for a while now and the boards they’ve been churning out have us pretty amped. With EPS…

Sunglasses That Float Review

Sunglasses That Float

Sunglasses That Float  We’ve all been there. You spend a bunch of money on some sick shades only to have them slip off on the water. Next thing you know, there at the bottom of the ocean.  Fortunately, we’ve done our research into the best sunglasses that float so you don’t have to worry about losing…

Costco Yeti Coolers

Costco Yeti Coolers

Costco Yeti Coolers Reviews  My last cooler was a total piece. It collapsed if I tried sitting on it and couldn’t keep my drinks cold. Even if I put more ice in it, it just became way too heavy to move until the ice all melted and I was left with a bucket of water. Fortunately,…

Best Bodyboards

Best Bodyboards

Best Bodyboards Guide  There’s tons of options for bodyboards out there. We’ve looked at a bunch of different ones and found that some of them are completely useless. Whether they snap just by being touched by a wave or bend irreparably, these boards will only let you down. Continue Reading

Best Wetsuits For Surfing

Best Wetsuits for Surfing

Best Wetsuits for Surfing  As surfers, we believe that wetsuits are the greatest invention of all time and we have divers to thank for that. Three men lay claim to inventing the wetsuit to this day! In the early 1950s a physicist at Cal Berkley, Hugh Bradner, started using neoprene to trap water close to the skin so it would…

Best beach stroller

Best Beach Stroller

Best Beach Stroller Guide  Wish your old stroller was as versatile as an ATV? Tired of getting stuck in any sort of terrain that isn’t covered with concrete? Then a bombproof beach stroller is exactly what you need. Available in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, there is sure to be a jogging stroller…

Costco Beach Umbrella

Costco Beach Umbrella

Costco Beach Umbrella Guide  We know how important having the right beach umbrella is for having an epic beach day. Whether you’re going to the beach for the first time or are looking for the best and newest shade protection, we have a guide to help you.  Look, no one wants to be these guys at…