surfing training

Surf Training

Surf Training Guide  We’ve all seen that guy in the lineup and probably had the same thoughts. How is that guy on every single good wave? How can he possibly recover from that layback? How did he make through to the lineup while I’ve been trying to paddle for the past twenty minutes. The truth…

Costco Beach Chairs

Costco Beach Chairs

Let’s be honest, no one likes sitting on the ground. Sand or dirt get everywhere, and there isn’t a backrest in sight. Mankind invented chairs for just this problem, and chairs have evolved to meet the specific need of supporting your backside in various terrain, like at the beach. Continue Reading

surfing exercises

Surf Exercises

Surf Exercises  Conventional wisdom is that the best way to improve your surfing is to surf more. That’s all good, but we all know there more days you’re not surfing than are surfing. Whether its lack of swell or just a busy schedule it can be hard to surf as often as we should if…