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The Center for Surf Research is THE international hub for research on sustainable surf tourism and issues of sustainability affecting the industry and broader community.

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Follow your passion and work with like-minded individuals, nonprofits and businesses around the world who are leading the surf industry towards a sustainable future.

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Start living the dream for college credit. Break the mold and learn in an engaging environment with sustainability leaders on the ground with Groundswell Travel.

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Center for Surf Research

The Center for Surf Research is the preeminent resource for sustainable surf tourism researchers, tourism operators, communities, governments, and surfers globally.

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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

There are two types of people in the world, those who surf and those who want to. The Center for Surf Research is stoked to provide students, and interested members of the community with opportunities to have life-changing study abroad experiences based in world-class surfing destinations for beginners to rippers.

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STOKE Certified has developed STOKE Surf – the world’s first sustainability certification program to cater specifically to the surf tourism industry – in partnership with the Center for Surf Research. Together, we put surf resorts under the microscope.

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Sustainable Stoke

Sustainable Stoke

Duck dive the greenwash with the Sustainable Stoke Catalog, a fully featured material analysis and performance review of all “eco-labeled” products and accessories available on the market for surfers each season.

Coming Spring 2014, we identify the unknown.

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The Center for Surf Research is THE international hub for research on surf tourism and issues of sustainability as they relate to surf tourism and the broader surfing industry and community.

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“The Green Wave” Sustainability Panel at the Mingei Surf Craft Exhibit

If you haven’t (or even if you have) been to the Surf Craft Exhibit at the Mingei Museum, then August 7th is a perfect night to come see beautiful surfboards from the Ancient Hawaiians all the way up to modern asymmetricals.

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CSR Blog

Surf Haiti

The children of Kabic Beach, Haiti sure know to surf. After school, they come to Kabic Beach to catch a couple of waves. From body boarding on discarded planks of wood as young children, they have graduated to real surf boards, courtesy of tourists.

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